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Wyandotte Boat Club is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing the sport of rowing to our community, with an emphasis on youth rowing. Fitness, focus, dedication, team spirit, and camaraderie are all hallmarks of rowing.

If you’re a supporter of WBC’s mission, or if you or someone you know has benefitted from WBC’s programs and facilities, consider making a donation! Your support will help continue WBC’s long history.

Since WBC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, your donation may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax professional for detailed advice on the ability to take a deduction.

There are many methods to donate to WBC, including:

  • Online donation, either as a one-time contribution or a monthly contribution (see below)
  • Payment by check, mailed to: Wyandotte Boat Club, 1 Pine St., Wyandotte, MI 48192, Attn: Treasurer
  • Donation of [TBD: investments? real estate?]. Please complete this form [form TBD] and WBC will contact you shortly.
  • Purchase a commemorative brick

Donation levels

All donation levels are greatly appreciated, but WBC has special recognition at several levels. These special levels will be recognized on a donors’ plaque in the WBC lounge, and donors will receive a special letter of recognition.

  • Bronze donor level: $250 and above
  • Silver donor level: $500 and above
  • Gold donor level: $1000 and above

Online donation options:

WBC thanks you for your support!

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