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WBC Membership – Automatic Renewal

From: $25.00 / year

If you are a WBC member (with either current or expired membership) and you are renewing your membership, please make sure that you are logged in so that your renewal can be correctly applied.  If you do not know your login information, please submit a help request using the Contact Form, selecting topic “Membership Support”.

By completing this purchase you are selecting Automatic Renewal: when your membership expires after the 1-year term, your selected payment method (encrypted and securely stored) will automatically be charged.  You will receive an email prior to the automatic payment processing.  You may cancel the automatic renewal at any time.  If you’d prefer to purchase a 1-year membership without automatic renewals, please visit the Membership 1-year Purchase Page.

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Thank you for either renewing your WBC membership or applying for a WBC membership!

This is the automatic renewal membership product.  It provides the convenience of securely charging your payment method automatically once per year, so your WBC membership is always current.

  • You will receive a reminder email prior to each automated renewal payment.
  • You can cancel the automatic renewal at any time, or update your payment method, by viewing your Subscriptions on your Account Settings Page.
  • If you’d prefer to set up your membership without automatic renewal, please visit the Membership 1-year Purchase Page.  You can always change to automatic renewal at a later time.

There are two membership price levels:

  • Standard: $40/year
  • Retiree: $25/year

Benefits of a WBC membership include:

  • Supporting WBC’s mission to develop our community through the sport of rowing
  • Able to participate in WBC rowing classes / teams
  • Able to visit WBC lounge during business hours and bring guests
  • Able to request rental of WBC lounge (see policy for allowed event types)

Note that WBC is a private club and reserves the right to approve or deny any membership application.  Rejected membership applications will receive a refund.

Development note: Is the membership fee considered a donation?

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