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Donate to WBC Athlete Hydration Fund

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The athletes of the WBC Junior (high school age) competitive rowing program are headed to Welland, Ontario and Buffalo, New York this weekend to compete in two day-long rowing regattas. We would like to make sure the kids stay hydrated all weekend as they race both Canadian and other US teams.

We are hoping that WBC members and supporters of the athletes will donate to the 2024 Athlete Hydration Fund to purchase water and sport drinks before they head off to race. As with everything these days, prices keep going up and Gatorade is up to $17.88 a case at the warehouse clubs along with water at $5.00 a case. Our goal is to raise $500 or more to assist this season.

To help you can donate $10 for two cases of water, $20 for a case of sports drink, or any amount you would like.

Thank you for supporting youth rowing!

Since WBC is a 501(c)3 non-profit, your donation may be tax deductible.  You will receive a confirmation email after making your donation; please retain that email as a receipt of your donation.

From the Donation Level selector below, you can:

  1. Choose “Custom amount” to enter any amount, or
  2. Choose a predefined donation level.

All values are in US dollars.

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